Secure IT solutions​ for a

more secure environment

We provide full support for your computers and network. Our service is aimed at local businesses where the cost of a full time IT department would not be viable.

Cloud Computing

From Office 365 subscriptions, cloud back up services to cloud based virtual servers - we have the expertise in cloud based solutions to support all requirements.


Anti-Virus? Anti-Spam? Anti-Ransom ware? Which one or all of them? We are here to secure your network - servers - mobile devices without restricting access & working!


With remote access, mobile computing and BYOD being at the forefront of user accessibility, we offer the right solutions for each business as required.

With so many options to chose from - from which desktop? which software subscriptions? on premises or cloud? virtual or physical? the lists are endless.  Our aim is to simplify this process and match the solutions to your business, in the most economic and stress free way.

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

1. Fixed price support contracts

2. Remote systems monitoring

3. Domain & Email Hosting