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Remote Access

Services for all your remote support requirements  

Eclipse offers the facility to remotely control any of our client's computers.  This is achieved by using TeamViewer, which allows our skilled team of technicians to dial directly into your machine, fixing faults without having to encroach on your office space.  All this can be done without installing any software or requiring administrative rights.



TeamViewer features the following:

  • Remote control of any device running Microsoft Windows, Android or Apple OS.

  • No installation is required on the client’s PC, just click the link above to run the application.

  • Does not require the customer to have administrative rights.

  • Works with computers which are behind a firewall.

  • Remote access to unattended computers.

  • Web browser-based access.

  • Secure 256-bit AES encryption guarantees your security and privacy.

If you require more information on TeamViewer or are interested in utilising remote support in your business, please contact us.

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